Buns, Buns, Buns

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Headed to school today to meet JiaYi to collect some notes from her! She's really damn nice to not only share with me her notes but also took the time to explain some of the modules with me. We also had a nice chat together with her little sister as well! After that, I left for Dhoby Ghaut to collect my ezbuy parcel and to get some arm gloves at Daiso for my upcoming OBS camp.

Guess what, at some point my pad was out of place and I leaked through my favourite pair of shorts. I wanted to throw away this pair of shorts a long time ago since it's quite worn out already but I kept pushing it to another time. Looks like I'll have a reason to throw them out now LOL. 

Moving on, the other day I baked up some burger buns because I wanted to bake some bread. And I wanted buns specifically. After browsing the web for awhile, I found a simple recipe that I was happy with (little effort and waiting time) and proceed to start making the dough! It was around 6-7pm at night so I decided that I would let it proof in my fridge overnight and continue with it the next day. Reason being by the time I was finished letting it rise, bake, cool down and clean up, it's gonna be damn late and I'm gonna be damn tired hehe.

It came out pretty good in my opinion! There were really soft and fluffy, yet holds its shape and springs back when pressed. They slice very well too! However, I felt that it was lacking in taste, not enough salt and sugar and no smell/taste of butter in it. I guess it's just a regular burger bun rather than a brioche bun. Oh well, back on the hunt for a better brioche bun recipe!

Here is the link to the recipe that I used: http://www.portuguesegirlcooks.com/2014/06/40-minute-homemade-brioche-hamburger-buns/ 

It's about time I realised that I have a very photogenic wall at home too.

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