Chicken Up @ Centrepoint

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Yesterday, we met up to have a nice dinner as a belated birthday celebration for Nicole! We decided on Chicken Up @ Centrepoint for a few reasons.

1. We wanted to go to Chicken Up for the longest time, and we kind of failed the first time by going to the Bugis outlet. It was the fast food outlet so it had a whole different menu from the restaurant version. 
2. It was much more convenient to get to than the Tanjong Pagar outlet.
3. I wanted to go to a shop nearby 

The restaurant was half-filled when we got there at 6.20pm. It was a Saturday so it was a bonus that we didn't need to queue! The ambience was really cosy, and our seat had an awesome background to take pictures with. 

As you can see we have a very nice looking tree as our background featuring our beautiful Vera.

Here is what we ordered:
- Ganjang (soy sauce) Wings ($12)
- Yangnyum Wings (sweet and spicy) ($12)
- Super Spicy Wings ($12)
- Spicy Seafood Noodle Up ($14, not included in the photo since it came late)
- Truffle Fries ($8)
*Prices are not inclusive of GST and Service Charge

All the wings came in 4 pieces, and they were HUGE. There was a lot of meat and it was very tender as well! The soy sauce ones were quite salty in my opinion, it tastes like the 4 fingers one but slightly saltier. The yangnyum sauce was really sweet for me and the taste of gochujang was strong in this one. As for the super spicy one, it tasted like the angry version of yangnyum AHAHAH, needless to say it was my favourite one since it was so spicy. I had 2 of it and 1 each from the other two flavours. Nicole had 2 soy ones since she was a wimp but kudos to her for finishing one of the super spicy ones. 

As for the spiciness level, I would say its a toned down version of Samyang's fire noodle?

The spicy seafood noodle up was not bad too! Although the noodle is instant ramen noodles, the broth was extremely flavorful and not too spicy. It had quite a decent portion of seafood and a poached egg as well, but sadly the egg yolk was well done. The wrong dish came out (the dry version), so we had to wait awhile more for them to make it again. We spent so long waiting for the noodles in order to take a nice picture that the chicken and fries were not very crispy anymore, the things we do for a picture AHAHHA.

The truffle fries were a decent portion for $8, but it lacked the truffle flavour in our opinion. Could have used an extra squirt or two of truffle oil.

We were stuffed after our meal, we wanted to go for dessert after but our tummies were screaming NONONONONO.  

There was a promotion going on where if you post a picture on Facebook/Instagram with the geo tag and hashtags #chickenup and #chickenuporchard, you get 10% off all food items on your bill! We only ordered food so its 10% off our entire bill, and it was $61.45 for the 3 of us. I would say $20 is pretty affordable for the quantity and quality of our meal.

I would recommend this place for Korean fried chicken if you want a larger variety to choose from, but I still prefer 4 Fingers over Chicken Up if I am just comparing the chicken itself. I think that they are crispier and the sauces are better, plus it is cheaper since there is no GST and Service Charge. But that is just my opinion :)

After that, we went to B3 of 313@somerset for some drinks, and while the two girls get matcha ice blended from Tsujiri, I got a lime green tea from Koi to rinse out all the sodium from our heavy dinner. 

Vera introduced the both us to this app called PHHHOTO, and its like an upgraded version of Boomerang. The both of us were like WOAHHHH and Vera was nice enough to teach us all the hacks to it so we weren't gundus AHAHAH.

It's always a good time with these two :)

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