Monday Blues

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The past weekend has been awesome. Jerry booked out on Friday for the first time and I was so excited to finally see him after 2 weeks. The first week was fine and passed quite quickly, but the second one felt like forever. It was nice to see all the army boys booking out for the first time reuniting with their girlfriends and families, and I was waiting impatiently for Jerry to appear out of the sea of green. Apparently, he was dropped off at the bus stop rather than the interchange so I waited at the wrong area the whole time :') It was nice to see him again but my nose wasn't too happy about it, he stank pretty badly AHAHAHA. We had a nice dinner at sushi express before heading home, and I'm pretty sure he was super happy to see a washing machine at home.

The next day, we went out to Ninja Bowl for lunch (will write a review about it in the near future) and walked around Chinatown Point before heading back to my place to chill before we head out for dinner. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, JERRY ATE FASTER THAN ME AND HAD TO PACE HIMSELF SO THAT HE WON'T FINISH FASTER THAN ME LOL. I was taking some shots of our food (I take my pictures pretty quickly as I want to eat my food ASAP) and he was halfway through with his bowl (WTF?!?!?). Usually, he's the slowest eater among all of us and the last to finish his meal. The same thing happened at dinner and he was done in 15 minutes. I would like to say thank you to the people in charge for making this possible.

After dinner, we went to watch 'Terra Formars', which is a live-action adaptation of a manga/anime series, and from what Jerry explained to us as 'Humans with special skills going to fight cockroaches on Mars'. It's a science-fiction/action/horror film and its actually pretty good tbh AHAHAH. We were laughing throughout the movie because it was just that ridiculous, but it was quite morbid at the same time. Like how mant takes did it take for the narrator to explain everything without giggling. Some scenes were actually gruesome but the animation was done pretty well in my opinion, similarly to Attack on Titans. The makeup department did a fantastic job too! Needless to say, I will not look at insects the same way again, and I kinda wanna watch the anime series and read the manga AHAHAH. Would totally recommend this movie, and sorry to say but it is wayyyyy better than AOT. I'm actually reading the manga right now so that's saying something about the movie hehehe.

Sunday was a quiet day spent with my family. My dad, brother, and I went out to Saboten for lunch, which has the best Tonkatsu in Singapore (that is affordable) in my opinion. All their main dishes come with chawanmushi, pickles, free flow cabbage, rice, miso soup and a scoop of ice cream. It was super filling, and as much as I love my Japanese rice and want more, I could never finish my first bowl of rice. We walked around Millenia Walk after lunch to check out if there is anything new there, and the Harvey Norman there went through some serious rebranding. It used to look like a Best Denki, now it looks like a Takashimaya (much more atas than Taka imo). After walking the whole mall we went back to Marina Square, window shopped a little more and went back home.

On the way, my dad wanted to go to the Wine Connection near our house, so we stopped at my workplace for some coffee before getting what we need. 

We left for dinner at somewhere close to 7pm, and we headed to Violet Oon which is really near our place but we never went to before (because my parents are good drivers and always look at the road and not what is around). The food was soooooooooooooo good. At first we were like *whispers* its priceyyyyyyyy and went mmmmmmmmm when the food came. It was greattttttt<3 All of us (except my youngest brother) expressed interest in returning to this place because it's just that good. It was a wonderful way to end the week.

Now it's back to doing assignments and packing my bag for OBS I go (and missing Jerry of course). On a side note, I realised that Terra Formars Manga is actually rate M18 and I find that quite funny for some odd reason. 

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