Ninja Bowl @ Duxton Road

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I've heard about this little cafe from my mom since as it was featured on one of the i-weekly magazines that she reads, looks like she's more hip than me now hehe. I kept thinking about this place so I decided to make a visit there with Jerry when he books out over the weekend! I've made my reservation on Chope a week before, but apparently they didn't get it :(. I reached at around 11.45am which wasn't crowded yet so there was a table ready for me, I just hope I get my chope-dollars hehe. 

The place is located at a corner of Duxton Road, which was quite a walk from Chinatown MRT. It took us around 10 minutes to walk there, and it is located right at the corner among the shophouses. We kept wondering if we are going the right way and there was tons of construction on the way, so obviously I doubted my sense of direction la. But I was going the right way the whole time yay. It's literally located at a corner and the sign blended in with the wall so it took me awhile before I realised it's the place.

The ambience was very relaxed and cosy, but the area was really small and there was A LOT of seats, which meant that it was pretty squeezy. I asked for a change of table since I didn't have a lot of space and risked hitting my head on the table behind me if I wasn't careful. Squeezing in between tables is better than getting a bruise on my head LOL. During our meal, I noticed that the poor Jerry's chair got knocked on quite a number of times since the servers had to squeeze among the customers to serve food.

You order your food and drinks at the counter, where they will give you a block with your order number. The service staff was also very nice to bring us our cutlery and some napkins while we waiting for our food :) The food came pretty fast, around 15 minutes or less?

Top to bottom: Yasai, Poutine, Tsukiji

Tsukiji - Tuna Tataki, Asparagus & Edamame, Onsen Egg, Pickled Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes, Furikake, 
Ninja Rice

Yasai - Salmon Poke, Mixed Sultanas, Onsen Egg, Furikake, Ninja Rice (Jerry ate the egg already)

Poutine Fries - Shoestring Fries, Melted Cheese, Beef Chunks

All the rice bowls do not come with any rice, so you have the option of topping up $2 for Ninja Rice, Orzo or Greens. I had Tsukiji while Jerry had Yasai (the obvious choice for him since he loooooves salmon), and we also had a Poutine Fries ($14) to share. No drinks for us because I'm a university student on a budget lawl :), plus they serve free water!

Both of us opted for the Ninja Rice, which is a mix of brown and white rice. The rice was soft, slightly mushy, and came to us at room temperature rather than hot/warm, so it felt like overnight rice instead of fresh out of a rice cooker. Each of the toppings in my bowl were great on their own, but not when they are all mixed together. The pickling juice from the cucumbers and sauce from the vegetables did not go well with the rice, and I felt it would be better with either Orzo or Greens or maybe if my rice was hot/warm it would be better. Jerry agreed as well that when everything was mixed together it was kinda weird, but would be better on its own. Both of us are not fans of dried fruit so the sultanas in his bowl were not our thing AHAHAHHA. I don't know maybe I'm just super picky about the small details heh.

The best tasting item that we got was the Poutine Fries, but they were not blowing my socks off either. The gravy was the runnier side and made the fries really soggy, especially those at the bottom, and with the amount of cheese, the whole dish was pretty salty that we got a little bloated from the amount of water we drank. We didn't finish the fries though, which I felt it was a waste but then this is what we get for being greedy.

On a side note, I loved the marble bowls and plates that they use.

I would say that the prices are very reasonable and quite affordable for a cafe, and you are getting quality and quantity. There were no GST/Service Charge so that was a really awesome bonus. 

We were VERY full after our meal, but it wasn't that satisfying simply because the flavors were not to our liking. The food was pretty healthy actually! It's a pretty balanced meal with your meat and vegetables, you can pretty much eat this every day if you really want (not counting the fries). 

We left right after we were done as it started to get crowded and the place was getting too stuffy for my liking that it felt like I'm gonna faint while sitting down (despite having both air conditioners and fans in the store). I felt a little sick after the meal as well, and the long walk back to the Chinatown was not making things any easier. The weather had extreme mood swings that day and decided to be hot as hell T.T

Overall, I don't think I would go back there anytime soon (sorry mom not gonna bring you here๐ŸŒš) but I would say it is a place that you have to try once. The bowls are definitely aesthetically pleasing and deserves to have their pictures takeThe food may not be to my/Jerry's liking, but it could be someone else's most favorite thing in the world. I may give this place another try if there are any changes to the menu, we'll see~

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