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Salted Caramel Coffee Cake

It's been almost a month into University and assignments just keep popping up in every single class I attend? I shouldn't call them classes but rather seminars, as the school calls it LOL. Basically, we have no lectures but rather given all the materials to self-study and turn up for the 3-hour seminars, which are like tutorial classes. I will be completing 2 modules for this term (6 weeks) and 3 more in the next. I really like the professor for one of the modules, but I can't say the same for the other, he's quite mean and doesn't teacher very well tbh. His choice of words are questionable. 

Due to classes seminars and assignments, I haven't been in the kitchen much. I've managed to find an opportunity to bake on Sunday night, so I made a salted caramel coffee cake! In this case, I will be referring to a cake that is usually eaten with coffee/tea rather than a coffee flavoured cake. I made the cake base with yogurt rather than sour cream since that was what I had, and I prefer it with sour cream but this is healthier hehe. The cake is layered and topped with a crumble mixture, and homemade salted caramel leftover from my previous cake. I like how this cake is not overly sweet, and not very dense too. I like to heat up a slice in the toaster oven rather than eating it cold from the fridge as it is much softer and fluffier that way! I've brought a few slices for my group mates when we met up for a group assignment, I hope they liked it :)

Right now I'm just juggling my studies, work, and making time for my personal life. It's not gonna be easy with all the assignments at the back of my mind, but someone is probably having a harder time than me in camp. 

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