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2nd August marks the date of the Orientation Programme at Outward Bound Singapore(OBS). Instead of signing up for your freshman orientation camps like most universities, UniSIM sends you off to a 3D2N course at Pulau Ubin by OBS. Don't think you can siam from this event regardless of what reasons you have because it's compulsory. Compulsory meaning you need to attend in order to graduate :)

We were instructed to reach at 8.30am at the OBS Reception Centre @ Punggol, but I underestimated the speed of the MRT so I reached at 7.45am HAHAHAHA. A few of my group members arrived early as well so it's all good. The trip to the island took quite awhile due to the number of students and limited ferries.

We introduced ourselves and played some ice-breaking games before heading to our bunks to put down our bags. We choped our beds (Izzy and I immediately took the 2 bottom bunks because we are afraid of rolling off), packed the items that we needed for outdoor cooking and went to the dining area for our lunch. After lunch, we had more activities that we needed to complete within a certain time to earn money for our dinner ingredients. The activity which was a game where you had to get to an 'island' with a raft was a breeze as our student leader Bryan played it before so he literally gave us the solution AHAHHA. The next activity was a puzzle game and it was much more challenging so it took us awhile more to complete. We scrapped the puzzle halfway and started again because we realised we were on the wrong track. 

After the games, we headed to an open area to start cooking our dinner with the ingredients we 'bought' from our 'money'. 

Outdoor cooking is not easy at all LOL. In the end, we came up with fried rice, fried luncheon meat, luncheon meat with egg, Campbell's soup, and instant noodles AHAHHA. The instant noodles were the best since our fried rice was really mushy hehe. The cleaning up was the hard part. It was so difficult to get rid of all the black stains from the fire and burnt bits of food in the pots and pans. We only managed to pass the QC after an hour or 2? 

After that, we went for our supper which all of us skipped, and went back to shower and packed for our trekking trip the next day. That's pretty much it for Day 1.

The next day, breakfast started at 7am and it tasted like shit. It was fried yellow noodles and it was damn bitter, most of us didn't eat much of it. The first half of the day was spent doing high elements, and for us, it was rock climbing. We took turns to learn how to belay, before climbing up the wall. We had the buddy system when climbing up, where we had a band hooked to each other, so we have to look out for each other when climbing up. I slipped once because I was kanchiong, what's new LOL. There was a more advanced wall which some of us attempted, and only Meng managed to reach the top! All of us girls were just sitting there watching him doing his spider-man moves and provided sound effects HAHAHA. 

🙊For the second half of the day, we will be trekking around the island to find 3 checkpoints. 1 of them is a compulsory checkpoint that we must go, the other 2 can be any checkpoint that we want. Obviously, we picked the 2 nearest ones that we on the way. We were given some dry snacks for lunch, which I had no appetite for, and we set off into the jungle! We took turns to guide the group to our destinations, and the boys helped out a lot! I guided the group back to the campsite with Wei Ling and I fucked up a few times, and we wouldn't have made it back without them :)

The first checkpoint was a campsite with the view of Singapore, and Pasir Ris Camp! So near yet so far from my dear Jerry AHAHAH. I've been told to swim over to find him too LOL. The challenge that we have to complete for this place is to carry your friend's backpack. Me, Elaine and Sam swapped around each other, I carried Elaine's which was damn light as she drank most of her water, while Sam and I have yet to touch our 4 litres so our packs were damn heavy. 

The next stop was pretty near our first stop, and it was up a mountain bike trail with a view of the Quarry. The challenge for this place is to shout as a group and hear an echo. We did it on our first try so yay! We rested for a bit before heading to our main checkpoint and swapped back our own backpacks. 

The last stop was the one I initially dreaded since there was a wet activity. The thought of having damp underwear is just ew. But no choice so suck thumb lor. We changed into our wet shoes, put on our life jackets and waited for further instructions for the Quarry Jump. It was the best part of the trek actually AHAHHA. It felt damn shiok to be in the cool water after trekking in the hot and humid weather for hours. Not to mention all we have to do is relax since the jacket keeps us floating. We had a few non-swimmers, so we looked out for them and held their hands in water. Elaine and Joanne were super scared of water and heights, so we had to give them that extra push to make them jump into the water. It was quite funny to see their reactions though AHAHHA. After that, we went back to land and got ready to trek bad, as much as we wanted to stay in the water longer.

The entire trek took around 5-6 hours, and we covered around 10-12km? It was pretty impressive for the girls since some of them were really petite and the bag was really heavy. All of us had ton's of mosquito bites on our arms and legs, there were tons of mosquitos due to the rain in the morning and mosquito repellant didn't work. We had 45 minutes to shower and headed to dinner, which was a feat for the girls since WE ONLY HAD 3 CUBICLES AND THERE WERE 11 OF US. 

Dinner was awesome, don't know if it was because the food was actually good or we were damn hungry. Since it was only an hour till supper, we just chilled at the dining area and played some games. Meng came up with the most ridiculous forfeits and nobody wanted to lose AHAH. After that, we brought back some cakes to play King's Cup at our bunks. We had alot of snacks leftover from lunch so that was what we used for King's Cup. We played games, shared jokes and theoretical questions until around 1am, where some of us slept and the rest continues with the games and stories. 

The last day we had breakfast at 7am, AND IT WAS BEEHOON. It was soooo much better than the fried noodles. From then until noon, we were going to do coastal cleanup at the beaches of Pulau Ubin. So, those we did kayaking the day before, had to trek to the cleanup locations and bring back the rubbish with them. Those who went trekking get to take the boats to the beaches and leave the rubbish there. Talk about being lucky LOL.

We didn't have to wear life jackets on our boat since we are not taking the safety boat, and we passed by Pasir Ris Camp again! We had to record the type and amount of rubbish we collected, and we split ourselves into smaller groups to speed things up. Halfway through we were quite tired so Philosopher/Phisolopher Meng decided to give us life lessons. 

Once we were done, we weighed the rubbish and left it at a corner of the beach for collection, and made our way back for lunch. We had way more food for lunch than any other day, and it tasted soooo gooood. Best meal we had at OBS. After lunch was going back to our bunks, packing, removing bed sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and making sure everything was in place before leaving with all our belongings. We also got back our wallets and went to have a look at the souvenir shop. Nobody bought anything since it was mainly shirts, and we were already given 1 from the school. 

We played some games while waiting for the closing ceremony, and since the forfeit was so embarrassing, we decided to have 2 people to do it together. We got the ones with higher points to compete with each other for the loser to speed things up, me and Jas almost lost but we got the hang of the game AHAHAH. In the end, Ming Fang and Joanne did crab walk around the projector screen LOL.

The closing ceremony included the school song, and it was not bad! Nicer than the other school songs that I've heard during my primary and secondary school days. I heard from Jia Yi that it will be played during our graduation, so heng ah don't have to sing every day. After that, we went to take group pictures, since we're gonna be the last batch to leave the island anyway.

I also managed to take a picture with my first friend in UniSIM, Joel! We only bumped into each other a few times throughout the whole camp since we were in different groups, and he was in the batch that went kayaking.

Halfway through taking pictures, the instructors were calling for our group cause they decided to count the group numbers backwards, SO WE LEFT QUITE EARLY YAY. Most of us decided to cab back since we just wanted to go home FAST. I shared a cab with Wei Chiang and Wei Ling since we live around the same area. Got home at 6pm and it was damn shiok, I was greeted with Aslan on my porch :)

Initially, I was dreading the camp because I'm not an outdoors person, and the thought of meeting so many new people kinda terrifies me. I would say that OBS is something that everyone should attend at least once in their life. The journey was not easy, but we managed to get through it by helping each other out. I'm glad that I met this bunch of people through OBS, and made many unforgettable memories with them. 

Here's to the rest of our University Journey together! 

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  1. Hello,

    I saw your post about UniSIM OBS camp. I will be going for mine soon this month and would like to know more about it. Is it okay to share with me some specific details?

    During the hiking activity, what do you wear underneath your shirt? Is cotton material advisable? Is Long pants necessary in all activities or just for hiking? I was thinking of wearing leggings, do you think it is suitable?

    Was your wet shoe for the water activity just normal sports shoes?

    Was the Blue shirt given to you for free before the camp? Did OBS provide additional items for you guys? I noticed all of you wore the blue shirt, carrying the same backpack and the white arm covers had the OBS logo.

    1. Hi there! For the hiking activity I just wore a dry fit shirt and black leggings, but I would advise you to wear proper long pants for the activity if you want to prevent mosquito bites on your legs. The water activity is during the hike, where after the water activity we went back to shower before dinner. As for the shoes, bring a pair that you don't mind being ruined as the activity is you jumping into water and floating there for a while.

      The blue shirt and arm covers were given to us during the camp, and don't worry they will provide you with the necessary gear (backpacks, 1 litre water bottles, life jackets, etc.) for the activities.

      Enjoy your camp! :)