Turning 20

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First thing's first, I'm so glad that Jerry managed to book out the night before. The only information that was given to us is that he gets to book out on National Day, but don't know what time. I was worried that they will only book out in the late afternoon/evening, BUT THEY BOOKED OUT SUPER EARLY YAY. 

He came over to my place right after with a big pack of Famous Amos cookies in my favourite flavour :')

Make up for the day! I finally opened up my second box of false lashes that I got from Japan! Basically, I bought 2 pairs of Dolly Wink lashes in No. 1 Dolly Sweet (chosen by me) and No. 9 Sweet Cat (chosen by Jerry). This one is No. 1, and it looks fine in the pictures, BUT IT LOOKS DAMN DRAMA IRL. But whatever la, it's my birthday I shall do whatever that makes me happy.

We went out for lunch with the poly group, minus Mark because he has guard duty LOL. I actually shortlisted a few places for them to choose, and we settled on my second choice, Assembly Coffee, since my first choice was already fully booked. Perks of having a public holiday as your birthday eh? 

Jerry got some Nachos for us to share since we were on time early. He got another serving of it when we ordered our food as well AHAHA.

The Nachos were really good! It was freshly fried chips rather than out of a bag, and the minced meat sauce went really well with the salsa. I wished that there was more cheese though :/

I had the Spicy Sausage Pasta, which was quite mediocre. Nothing worth mentioning about this dish, and I doubt I would order this again. 

A group shot before some of them left!
Thank you guys for taking time out of your schedule to have lunch with me :)

After that, I walked around the entire orchard with JASH to catch Pokemon, and also visit the Laneige Store to get some items! I had 20% off my first order, and a 2 piece set when I spend over $50. We went to the stall at The Heeren, but I was told that the 20% is only available at the boutique stores, so we made our way to ION Orchard. It was a Pokemon Haven so there were not many complaints hehe. We didn't mind walking because we wanted to hatch our eggs anyway.

My birthday gift to myself is a water clay mask and some night masks from Laneige! I got the night masks to hit $50 after discount so that I can get my free gifts AHAHAHA. The things there are pretty pricey, though I'll probably only purchase items there if I feel like I deserved the treat, or when I need to get a gift there.

Shawn left at 3pm since he had to book in, the remaining 3 of us parted ways at around 4-5pm? I went home after that to remove my falsies, and waited for my family to head out for dinner! We went to Foster's Steakhouse at Holland Village, a place that we frequent after finding it a few months prior. We also celebrated my youngest brother's birthday there! It was Jerry's first time at a steakhouse as well, and he was like 'this is the best steak I ever had OMG'. My brother, Jerry and I all had the set dinner, with mushroom soup (imagine Jack's Place soup but on steroids) and tenderloin steak. I haven't had a proper steak in such a long time so this was really a treat! I was so stuffed that I couldn't finish my last bite of steak, so I gave it to Jerry. I couldn't finish the dessert either, and my mom had to help me finish the glass of Prosecco that I ordered since my dad wanted the 1-for-1 happy hour. I wanted to sleep so badly after the meal, and I haven't been so satisfied with my food in a long while.

Thank you to Andy, who went out of the way to get me the gifts I wanted and needed <3
They got me body lotion, toner, blackhead balm and chai tea, something which I have been craving for the longest time.

Jerry's gift

I think he's happier about this gift than me since he has been trying to convince me to get a headset. Initially, I never thought much about earpieces or headsets, simply because my ear holes are so tiny that all most earpieces don't fit my ear. They're either too big or hurt my ears after wearing them for 30 minutes, so I just stick to my free Apple ones (which also hurt after wearing for a long time). I thought that headsets didn't give that great of a difference in the quality of music and it's super bulky to carry around. I probably got this mindset because I've only tried crappy headsets. BUT ONE DAY I WENT INTO A STORE AND TRIED ON THIS HEADSET FOR FUN AND WENT 'WOAH THIS IS ACTUALLY GOOD'. Jerry heard me and immediately came over, and said 'I TOLD YOU SO, ARE YOU GETTING A HEADSET NOW?'. I looked at the price tag and went nope, which isn't that surprising.

I still remember making fun of Mark and Jerry in Japan when they were looking for headsets, sorry guys I understand why now :')

Since I don't have anything else that I want or need, he got me a headset. He wanted to get another model from another brand, because he thinks that Marshall is not 'the best' and that you're paying more for the brand rather than the product, but it was too ugly and bulky so he just got this. And it was on sale so that's a bonus! When he was trying it at the shop he was surpirsed that this was acutally a good headset! After I took it out from the box he was like 'can I try it pleaseeeeeee', and after that he was all 'I think I want to get one for mself now'. I offered that he could borrow it if he wants cause my bag is too tiny to put it in. I'm only using this at home, maybe I'll bring it out with me when I get a new bag (I FINALLY BOUGHT A BAG ITS OTW).


I spent my Saturday evening with Nicole and Vera, and we had dinner at Keisuke Tonkotsu King at Tanjong Pagar. I wanted to try this place after trying out a few of their different outlets, and now my goal is to try them all. The shop was really tiny so we had to wait quite a while before we got our table. I ordered the Red Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen with an additional egg, and it was good! The soup was really rich and flavourful, but it's not spicy enough hehe. I wasn't full after finishing my bowl, SO I ORDERED KAEDAMA. I've been saying that I want to order kaedama almost everytime I went to a ramen place but didn't as I was too full when I finished my bowl. BUT NOT TODAY, I GOT MY WISH. 

Needless to say, I was so happy to get my extra noodles and the girls were kinda judging me for it LOL. I was so stuffed after my meal and food coma-ed almost immediately. Instead of hanging out after like we usually do, we just went home since our bellies are almost bursting. But before that, they handed me my birthday gift!

*excuse me for the bad lighting

KVD Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita. I've stopped getting liquid lipsticks since it didn't live up to the hype for me, and the matte ones are super drying (I only own ColourPop ones, sorry but small sample size and over-generalization). But this one doesn't feel like my lips are about to crack! The shade is very similar to the ColourPop Frick N' Frack, but it is just slightly lighter and makes it perfect for everyday wear. It's like a trend that we get each other lipsticks for our birthdays AHAHHA. Maybe I'll break the trend soon for the next birthday?

Thank you for taking the time to spend my birthday with me, planning everything despite being so tired in NS, showering me with gifts and treating me like the princess I am. 

Birthday celebrations are over, time to go back to studying. 

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