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As I have mentioned in my previous post, my family decided to head to Violet Oon for dinner as it was nearby our place and it was getting pretty late for dinner. I suggested this place after as we've passed by it many times and the family said okay! You can see this place from the main road and it's not difficult to miss! It's located at the end of Cherry Avenue, which I thought was a cute name for a road and wanted to live there in the future but I quickly changed my mind after that. The roads there were quite narrow such that if cars decided to park on both sides of the lanes, there wouldn't be any more space for you drive through. The parking there is quite limited and 'free' (private property area), unless you don't mind walking, so be sure to go early if you like a decent parking spot. 

It was a last minute decision to dine here so the indoor seats are all full due to reservations, so we had to sit outside :') We were lucky that it was a rainy day so it was quite cooling outside, and it got pretty chilly as our meal went on. The interior design of the place was beautiful, and it had a very atas feel. I can't really explain it but it looks like a mix of British and Peranakan together. Aiya 很美就是了啦。The service staff had the butler uniforms going too, but I like my Japanese Butlers more heheheh.

Kuay Pie Tee ($17)
We started off our meal with some Kuay Pie Tee, and it was fantastic. The chilli was really good, but they could have given us more. This is the best KPT I had in my life so far, way better than the ones from a certain country club that we go to. The shrimp was nice and plump, and not over-cooked. We actually wanted Gado-Gado for our starter but the waiter was nice enough to tell us that the portion was huge so we went for this instead. Did not regret that decision one bit. 

Roti Jala ($7)
While the rest of my family decided to have Nasi Kuning ($3.50) to got with our mains, I decided to get Roti Jala because why not right? The waiter said that it's good for 2 people. WRONG. There are only 2 rotis and I was so disappointed by the portion. Not that it was super good or anything. I could have gotten 2 bowls of Nasi Kuning or 7 bowls of white rice. This is just not worth the money, just go for the rice dishes instead.

Sambal Petai with Prawns ($18)
This dish is more for my dad rather than us since he loves petai beans. We're not big fans of it because of how it taste, but this dish might just make me like it. The sambal used was very fragrant, had just the right amount of belechan, and not too spicy! The prawns were nice and plump too, and I counted 6 prawns. 

Chicken Lemak ($19)
The best part of this dish would be the gravy itself. It's thicker than your chicken curry, so I would say this is more like rendang. The meat was tender, and this whole dish went so well with rice! This only criticism I have about this dish is that the gravy is a tad bit sweet. 

Beef Rendang ($23)
This is the best dish we've had out of all the dishes in my opinion. The meat was SUPER tender, and the gravy is much more savoury than the Chicken Lemak. The chiffonade lime leaves gave the dish an extra pop that just won my heart over. 

Chendol with Coconut Ice Cream ($12)
We ended our meal on a sweet note with not 1, but 2 chendols because 1 is not enough to share. The waiter brought out the glass to show us how big it was and we were like yup 2 for us please. It's a scoop of coconut ice cream, followed by the jelly and red beans, and topped with another scoop of coconut ice cream and a drizzle of Gula Melaka syrup. They gave us some more syrup on the side in case it wasn't sweet enough.

The chendol was good, and you're gonna love this one if you love coconut ice cream. My brother loved it, but my parents and I prefer our traditional chendol from Melaka. It was quite sweet on its own and didn't need to extra syrup. I felt that the jelly was too mushy, and my dad didn't like the texture of the beans. I never liked red beans and always ask for chendol without it so I wouldn't know :) 

The meal was wonderful and this picture says it all. I was very satisfied by the end of it and we did not regret coming here at all. The whole meal costs us around $175 for 5 adults, which is quite expensive. We brought a bottle of wine so there was corkage charge, but we didn't order a lot either. The portions there were not that big either, like the small sizes you get from tze char restaurants.

Price aside, I would say that the food is pretty decent. But, I do not think that it's worth it for the price. Although the quality is better, I can easily go to Ivins, which is nearby located at Binjai Park. The food there is a lot cheaper, the food is great, but the place gets full house pretty quickly and the queue gets really long if you don't go early. We can get a good dinner for $60 there, but what you pay is what you get. 

I would say that you are paying more for the quality and service at Violet Oon, and I would recommend this place to anyone who loves Peranakan food. Not to mention, they serve brunch along with their regular menu on weekends too! We might be returning, and we will remember to make a reservation this time. French Toast with Gular Melaka Syrup, here I come!

Update: We made an impromptu trip there and some of the dishes we ordered were not as nice, so we are quite meh about this place now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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