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Someone finally had his POP on Friday, 9th September!
The ceremony was held at the Parade Square of Pasir Ris Camp from 8am to 10am, as stated on the paper given to us. I arranged with his family to meet them at Yishun at 7am, where we will drive to the camp together. I couldn't go by myself anyway since Jerry did not pass me the ticket, which I will need to show if I wanted to take the shuttle bus from Pasir Ris Station. Each recruit is only given 4 tickets, so they can only bring a maximum of 4 people to witness their POP. 

I woke up at 5am to get ready and have breakfast (I had a hunch that It was gonna be Polar swiss rolls) since it will take me around 45 minutes to reach Yishun by train. Left the house slightly before 6am, just in case the train is slower than expected or breaks down cause you know it will happen (luckily it didn't), AND I REACHED AT 6.40 WTH. I could've slept longer T.T But anyway, they came to pick me up earlier and we made our way to the other end of Singapore. No traffic so we reached at 7.30 LOL. They gave us some refreshments which were the same as the enlistment day, Polar swiss rolls and mineral water. I don't like Polar swiss rolls so I politely declined when Jerry's mom offered me :)

As expected, people were late so the ceremony only started at 8.20, and I was damn bored (not to mention tired). Jerry told me that when they were marching in they saw some people walking in, so when they saw them marching they quickly ran to the seating area AHAHAH. I was surprised that they didn't smell LOL

I gave up taking pictures after a few shots as I didn't have a good view (a pillar and TV screen blocking), and the people in front were lifting their phones and cameras so high that it kept getting into my pictures. The soldiers went off after to return their equipment, get the rest of their belongings, and change into a new set of uniform which was drenched again, that's what road march do to you LOL. While they were busy, we were showed a video of their BMT training and it included messages from the recruits to their family/friends. 

During Jerry's part, A PLANE FLEW PASS US AND WE COULDN'T HEAR HIS MESSAGE AT ALL AHAHHHA. After the video is was them performing the warcry, throwing paper powder, taking pictures, and going home. 

Congratulations on getting coy best shot, and completing your BMT, although I feel that POP is nothing compared to you getting your red beret and ORD. Enjoy your well deserved 1 week break! 

While Jerry graduated from his BMT, I had my last day of school for this term! I went to school after having (another) breakfast with his family, to take a test for the excel module. It wasn't easy and some parts of it made all of us go WTF?! It wasn't helping that the school WiFi was really bad that the questions didn't show or the browser didn't want to load, and we had to keep refreshing or restart our browsers, make us panic sia. 

You might think that a test consisting of 20 MCQ would be easy, but nooo it requires A LOT of thinking and playing around with excel functions. At one point I just copied and pasted the options into the excel sheet to see if they worked AHAHHA. It's okay, at least I managed to complete the test :) 

Time to enjoy my term break! ^^

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