Term Break

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One might think that I would have a lot of time during term break and actually get a chance to update this space with something more interesting. But no, I've been kept pretty busy attempting to balance my school work and enjoying my break.

It's halfway into the term break, and tbh it's not much of a break due to all the pre-course quizzes that we have to complete before the next term begins. In the first term, we only have to complete each quiz for each Study Unit (SU) the week before since we were integrating into the system of UniSIM. Now everything is gonna be in full swing so we have to complete all the quizzes before the first week of school. So far I've completed the quizzes for 2 out of the 3 modules, and they are doable since you can get all the answers from the textbooks. But the last one is pretty tricky since they are all application based so good luck to me LOL. 

The first week of the "term break" has been an eventful one, as Jerry was having his 1-week break as well! Needless to say, we've spent most of our time together since it was an extremely rare opportunity for us to spent WEEKDAYS together. Instead of rambling on all the events during the past week, I shall share some of the highlights instead :)

Saturday, 10th Sept 

We went to catch Kubo and the Two Strings at Cineleisure and the movie was fantastic! Jerry wanted to watch it because he loves stop-motion films and I did not regret this decision one bit. The story gets a bit predictable halfway in but it was still entertaining. After having dinner we decided to walk around Scape and decided to get spray on tattoos since he wanted to get it for the longest time. Jerry's one came off the next day due to him scrubbing his skin as he was having heat rash, while mine lasted for around 5 days hehe ^^

Monday, 12th Sept

I made oyster mee sua for lunch for the family and asked Jerry to come over since he never had oyster mee sua before. I followed the recipe from TheMeatMen and it was not bad! The recipe was for 8 people but the 6 of us finished everything. 

At night we went out to celebrate out dear Andy's 20th Birthday! We went to her favourite ramen joint, Sanpoutei, for dinner before heading to Daily Scoop for dessert. We got her her favourite, Chocolate and Banana ice cream on top of waffles. Birthday girl was really happy with the banana ice cream AHAHHA. We went on a very spontaneous Pokemon hunt after, and only caught a Jigglypuff since we were either too slow in catching the others, or there were inside the school which we couldn't get into. After the Jigglypuff we just made our way back to Holland Village to catch Eevees at a bar that sold $3 beer.

Wednesday, 14th Sept

I went to school to have lunch with Andy and went to do my pre-course quizzes while she went for her lecture. Jerry and Jason joined us in school after and we decided to go for the Pasar Malam and Uncle Ringo at Beauty World after dinner. I went home to drop off my laptop and had dinner before meeting them at Bukit Timah Market. Honestly, most of the time we were trying to catch Pokemon, mainly Vulpix, rather than enjoy the Pasar Malam. We didn't go for any of the Uncle Ringo rides since you have to buy a card and the rides were pretty expensive. The Pasar Malam was quite small compared to the other ones, but they do have the standard "Pasar Malam Food". I did stuff myself silly with all the food there, and I have to say Fried Oreos are THE BOMB.

We went to McDonald's to chill after that, and the Vulpix spawned again. Andy and Jason took all of our phones and helped us to catch 6 Vulpix each :D

Friday, 16th Sept

After I got dressed for work and was about to make my way down, I got a text from my Manager to say that I don't have to attend work for the day and I could rest at home. I quickly texted Jerry to share the good news and he asked if I wanted to spend the day at his place and join his family for dinner. I made my way to his place after lunch since I already prepped the ingredients before hand! I made Teokbokki for lunch for me and my mom, and it was really good. I feel that this is one of those dishes that is much cheaper and tastes better to make it at home. What you pay for outside is not only bland but portion is so tiny :(

I also got my watch battery changed (finally LOL), in an attempt to get used to wearing watched again :)

That's pretty much it for now, Jerry's going back to camp and I'm going back to my studies. 

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