2 Weeks

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2 more weeks till my exams, don't really know how to feel about this. For our first semester, we only have a one-week study break which I find too short as we are studying for 4 modules that require A LOT of memory work. But before that, let's talk about the present.

Last weekend my family decided to head over to Big Box and Jem since we just had our lunch in the area and wanted to find a place to walk around. We were just browsing in the household department and I stumbled upon this huge baking sheet. The quality was pretty damn good and it was non-stick. Checked the price, $10. Saw that it had a 20% discount, so it was for $8. My family thought that it was a good deal so BUY. We were thinking if we should buy more baking tins from the same brand but we don't really need it so we passed on that. At the cashier, I found out that there was an additional 20% discount so it was $6.40 for a giant baking sheet. WHAT A STEAL. We contemplated on getting another pan but again we passed since we don't really need it. My mom also went to get some skincare items at Watsons, and the sales lady was so nice and gave me a cleanser and acne cream sample (which backfired on me, will be discussed below). After that, we went back to Big Box for some grocery shopping, and they were having a Japanese fair! My dad picked out quite a number of Japanese instant noodles which were going for less than $5 each, and I picked out 2 bags of frozen udon at $3 each (Medi-ya sells them at $8 per pack or something). We went home to put down our stuff and ended the day by going out to 2D1N Soju Bang for KBBQ for dinner, which is one of the best KBBQ in our opinions.

On Monday, I wanted to use my baking sheet so I made a matcha swiss roll. It turned out pretty good! The cake could be fluffier so I'll make the adjustments to the ingredients next time I try this out. 

Also, I've used the cleanser and acne cream sample on Sunday and Monday night. On Monday night during my sleep, I felt my skin getting itchy. It got worst throughout the day and my skin was super irritated the whole time I was in class. I couldn't wait to go home to wash my face. My oily combination skin was extremely rough, dry and irritated, it was PAINFUL. Even my eyelids and lips are dry. Needless to say, I was pretty sad. I stopped using the samples and had no choice but to spam moisturiser on my face for the three days, which I don't really enjoy since I don't like the sticky and slippery texture it leaves on my face. It kinda got better today as my eyelids are no longer dry. I bought a smoothing face mask online which will probably come next week, hopefully, I'm not allergic to it, smooth out my sandpaper face and speed up the healing process? (Innisfree don't fail on me now T.T) I'm gonna get some new moisturiser while I'm out later, something for sensitive, dry and acne-prone skin. Most likely something from Curel, we'll see. 

So back to academics, we have two TMAs and a GBA left for this week. I finished my TMAs quite early, and Andy was such a dear to proofread them for me which made me feel more confident of my work (hehe thanks Andy). With those two cleared all that is left is our GBA :') 

Our grades for our satire GBA came out today and it wasn't too bad! A few of us were damn salty about the individual part of the grades and just kept suan-ing the others AHAHA. Our last GBA is going pretty well, and we can now enjoy our weekends in peace. 

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