Chocolate Mint Macarons + a little life update

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Chocolate-Mint Macarons!
Green macaron shells with dark chocolate ganache and mint patty filling.

It was my first time trying out this combo and making the mint patty filling and it turned out GREAT. I don't have much time to cook/bake nowadays, mainly sticking to things that can be ready in 30 minutes or little preparation time that I can leave on the stove/oven for hours. Not surprising that my instant noodle consumption has increased hehe (thanks to dad for buying back 5 packs of noodles from Japan). 

The reason for baking these babies was because my cousin asked if I can prepare some green macaron shells for her wedding gatecrash! She asked me about a month in advance, and it's an excuse to squeeze out time to bake so why not? I gave her all the pretty shells and kept the not-so-nice looking ones to fill and eat. My mom gave me the thumbs up and so did some of my classmates!

I used my standard recipe for the macaron shells and tinted it green using food colouring gel, while the ganache was equal parts dark chocolate to cream. The mint patty filling required a little more items but it was really easy to make! I used:

- 1 cup icing sugar
- 1 tablespoon butter at room temperature
- 1-2 tablespoons cream (pretty sure that you can use milk, but add less of it)
- 1 teaspoon peppermint extract

Basically, you just put everything into a bowl and mix it until a paste forms. I added more cream to make it pipeable, but it you want to make it into mint patties just add less cream and shape it into patties :)

It's been 3 weeks into the new term and damn, the workload is high. If you think that year 3 of polytechnic was tough, think again. This makes polytechnic seem like a breeze. I've just completed 2 group projects and an individual assignment, and I have to say some of them were quite fun. Both group projects are video based, and for Literature we had to film a satire which was super funny in my opinion. The filming process was a breeze, we found an even better was to add subtitles, the video was awesome, and everybody worked as a team. Can't say the same for History group though :/ This was the only module where we couldn't choose our own group mates, which meant me and my friend were quite bummed. I don't know if we are considered lucky or unlucky to have the same exact group mates + 1 new person as our wiki assignment from the previous term.

The individual assignment felt like a word vomit of my thoughts, and I'm quite proud of myself for completing it in 2 days as it is due on Monday, and my weekends are all tied up :')

Now let's move on to the next 2 individual assignments (all essays why T.T) and last group project. 

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