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School's out and the holidays are here! 

After out last paper on Monday, we attended a buffet lunch organised by the school to mark our milestone of the end of our very first semester. I have to say my school is pretty good to us in terms of student welfare, they prepared snacks in our cohort rooms during our study break and now welcome us to the school with a buffet that was pretty good! Once we were done with lunch, a group of us went our to celebrate by having an hour-long Lan session followed by a 3-hour Karaoke session @ Teo Heng. We had dinner at Ajumma's @ The Cathay, which was pretty damn worth the money, and walked around Plaza Sing till the shops were closed and went home.

On Tuesday, I decided to cut bangs. The idea popped up in my head the day before my last paper and I could not stop thinking about it since (when I was supposed to spend my time studying LOL), and I wanted a change in hairstyle so why not? I quite enjoy the look but I forsee myself getting irritated by it in a week, not helping that my hairdresser kinda butchered my hair since she wasn't really paying attention during the haircut. 

Fast forward to today, I attended AFASG with Jerry the second year in a row! I've been looking forward to this since October, and was one of my sources of motivation in getting through my exams. We decided to go in the morning and have lunch inside rather than have lunch outside and go in at noon, which was what we did last year. We reached around 10am and the place was already packed, but the full crowd only came after 12pm. The event starts at 9.30am and some of the merch were already sold out for the day, and Jerry was quite disappointed about that. We walked around for a while before heading to the Canon booths to take some pictures. Managed to snag a photo with the giant Rilakkuma, which was adorable, and they printed out all your pictures for you on the spot. 

We continued to check out some merchandise shops before heading to the stage area as I wanted to check out the cosplayers Baozi and Hana. The usual Q&A session was held while they were on stage and ended off with a photo-taking session where they just posed for their fans to take pictures. 

We left the crowd right after that and went off to hunt for some food since I was getting hungry. The food area is much bigger than the previous year, being more organized with the placement of their coupon stall and there were more food stalls as well! The usual Monster Curry and Keisuke Tonkotsu King were there, and since we've tried both before outside of the event, we decided to get something different. We got a Steak Don from Rengaya to share, and it was really good! Just that the portion was really small for $12, but it's kinda expected for food to be expensive at an event like this. Even the cup noodles sold there were $2 each ($1.30 at supermarket yo). I wasn't full from this so I went to get a bowl of Mazesoba, which was really filling for $10. Jerry went to get a strawberry shaved ice from the same stall as the Steak Don for $6, and once we were done we carried on walking around the exhibition for 2-3 hours. 

Steak Don ($12), Rengaya

Halfway through I got peckish and since we have some coupons leftover I went to get some soft serve from Watanabe Coffee at $5. You can choose from vanilla, matcha or mixed. Hmm, the soft serve In Japan is definitely better (and cheaper) than this but oh well, the plane ticket there hurts the wallet.

Soft Serve ($5), Watanabe Coffee

We spent most of our time at the creator's hub, and got most of the things there as well. The most crowded area in the entire event, it was so packed that at times we couldn't move through the crowd and just stood there. But it was crowded for a good reason, they offer much more items compared to the official stalls and at a lower price too! We helped Jerry's sister to find the items she wanted or and liked, and also managed to get some commisioned drawings from a stall run by 3 young girls. They were so nice and their commisions were going at a reasonable price, so Jerry got 2 drawings from them. Do check them out on their Instagram @meowmeowgirl to see their artworks, they're really young but their work is amazing!

Since their drawings needed 1-2 hours due to the amount of commisions they've gotten throughout the day, we decided to exit and spend some time at Starbucks to rest my feet, before heading back into the exhibition. After collecting the drawings, which were beautiful, we walked around one last time before leaving to have dinner. We had dinner at Din Tai Fung, as Jerry wanted to bring me somewhere I liked and he wanted to have his favourite prawn fried rice. I insisted on going to the place he originally wanted but he insisted on DTF heheheh. Needless to say, dinner was good :)

Went back home after since my feet died and we're both tired from waking up so early in the morning to attend the event. On a side note, I'm quite happy with my false eyelashes and they look rather normal with my bangs compared to my old hairstyle. I'll keep that in mind when the time for my next haircut comes.

Overall, I felt that this year's event was much better than the last, due to there being more stalls and the organization is MUCH better. Especially the food area, as last year's was just cramped and coupon system was confusing as the stall was located all the way inside and hidden amongst the food stalls. The organisers are all very friendly as well, and helped by holding up signs indicating the start of the queue since it was not very obvious with the crowd. I'll definitely recommend this event and will be returning next year ^^

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