Saturday Plans

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Last Saturday was spent with Jerry and his family, where they had their Christmas dinner gathering early due to Jerry flying off for his NS commitments soon. As it was at night, Jerry and I had the day to ourselves, and he decided to bring me to Habitat Coffee for lunch! #jerrybringshengyeetocafes

The cafe is located along Upper Thomson Road, a stretch that I am VERY familiar with as my family drives through the area very frequently. And by that, I mean every few weeks for as long as I can remember. Whenever we drive past that road, I like to look out the window to look at all the cafes and restaurants that we always pass by but never tried, because my dad doesn't really fancy this kind of places due to the limited parking available. Other than that, the location is actually pretty accessible with Marymount MRT a walkable distance away and a number of buses going through the area. Maybe I'll bring my mom here someday?

Although I have the option of taking a direct bus or the MRT from my house, we took an Uber instead as the ride was only $2 and is cheaper than taking public transport. We reached there around 12 pm and there wasn't a line so we got a seat immediately. If I were to return I'll get a seat in the front where the lighting is better to take pictures hehe. 

I had the Chilli Crab Pasta and Jerry had The Big Ben, and he got a Crisscut BBQ Beef Fries to share. The big breakfast is pretty standard, but Jerry loved the toasted bread. The pasta was really good, except for the pasta which was a little overcooked for my liking. The beef on the fries was quite disappointing as there wasn't much fat in the meat, making it quite dry and the sauce was interesting. But the fries were good by itself, potatoes are always good. 

The prices are all nett and although you're not paying any service charge, the staff are all really friendly! After our meal, we walked to Thomson Plaza to digest our meal before heading over to his place to get ready for the gathering. 

As we were there early, we decided to help out by tagging along with his aunt to buy and collect food for dinner. We headed to Sun Plaza where she dropped us off to buy from Sushi Express and KFC, and then to Northpoint where we collected her order from 4 Fingers which she made earlier in the day. We also picked up Jerry's grandmother on the way and headed back home together. Jerry's cousins also ordered pizza, while the adults prepared some salad with smoked duck and ham. 

Once we were done with our food, we played Exploding Kittens and Avalon with the cousins until I had to leave as it was getting late. Jerry's parents got me a Christmas gift, which I didn't expect as I wasn't part of the Christmas gift exchange, and it was really sweet of them to get me a gift :) 

I would say that my Saturday was really well spent, trying out something new for our dates and also getting know more about his family. 

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