Three Roses

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I've had the biggest shock of my life on Monday, where my 1-litre water bottle dropped and spilled all over my laptop. I went into panic mode and immediately shut down my laptop and went to find a towel to dry everything. Then I looked up online to find out what to do in this situation and proceeded to flip my laptop cover side down over a towel to let it dry. Then I went out to get a portable fan to put underneath to help with the drying process. Which meant that I was left without a laptop until today, meaning I had to rely on my phone and other things to keep me occupied. I will never take being able to watch movies and videos on my laptop for granted anymore. But me being able to get this post up shows that MY LAPTOP IS ALIVE AND WELL. I was mentally prepared to lose all my files and to get a new laptop but this baby made it and I can save my money for other necessities. 

I have already gone back to continuing my cross-stitch project during the holidays, but during the past few days I managed to complete it and frame it up! I have already stitched half of the outline before university started and what is needed to be done is to finish the outline and fill in the colours. 

My mom was the one who introduced me to cross-stitch when I was in primary school, and my very first one was a Precious Moments tissue holder. As I didn't know how to tie knots, I had to keep asking my mom to help me for every thread. Due to my impatience and short attention span, I only completed the hair (not even the whole head) for one of the characters before moving on to something else. A few years later, I got a Winne-the-Pooh pouch cross stitch as I thought it was cute and why not get back to cross-stitch right? But as expected, I completed part of Winnie's head and left it in a box to collect dust. I believe that those two incomplete cross-stitches are still somewhere around my house.

The very first cross-stitch that I completed was two years ago, a gift to Jerry for our first anniversary. I got it online 2-3 months before and I didn't expect myself to take so long to finish it (I overestimated my abilities), so I only gave it to him a month later on his birthday. It's not perfect since I made quite a few mistakes on the way such as stitching the wrong squares, and I didn't iron it properly while fitting it into the frame which is why it looks so wrinkled. But it's okay, he was surprised and loved it :)

Look at how wrinkly it is

I have stitched a tiny Pikachu as a bookmark, and 4 bookmarks for my colleagues at KidZania as a farewell gift at the end of my internship. For those, I found designs for the borders and letters from the internet and ordered the required materials online, rather than getting a kit that comes with everything you need. This one that I just completed came in a kit with all the materials, instructions, a number of stitches, and sizes of the completed cross-stitch. The design comes in both 14 and 18-count, where 14-count is 14 squares per inch and 18-count is 18 squares per inch. Although 14-count is easier to stitch since the stitches are bigger, I opted for 18-count as the completed design looks better since the stitches are closer together. Maybe this is why I took so long to finish Jerry's cross-stitch.  

Completed leaves

Halfway through the roses
This took me around 2-3 weeks to complete, and it is smaller and simpler than the one I made for our anniversary. For the whole thing, I used about half of all the threads that was provided, and the cloth is definitely big enough to stitch another one but I won't since I stitched it near the middle. I got all my materials and kits from a website called The Art of Stitch, and they sell other needlecraft aside from cross-stitch as well! Since the only shops I know of that sells some of these materials are Art Friend and a small shop located in Holland Village, it is easier for my to browse through the online shop and get everything that I need. They also provide some free gifts too! Thinking of making a few more bookmarks as I have the cloth for it, but for now, I would like to enjoy some time with my precious laptop which I will take extra good care of it from now on.  

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