Some Days

by - 21:56

After having a really heavy and greasy dinner of prata and briyani the night before, all I wanted was a huge bowl of salad for lunch after my morning run. I'm feeling quite proud of myself for running quite consistently for 2-3 months now, making an effort to run at least twice a week. What better way to make yourself feel even better by having a super healthy meal after a workout right?

I used an entire box of romaine lettuce for 2 people and everything that I could find in my fridge that I enjoyed on a salad. I used a whole cucumber, 3 eggs, some cherry tomatoes, frozen corn, and prawns. I roasted my cherry tomatoes and corn in my little toaster oven since I was making a small batch, while I cooked the prawns in a pan with some rice wine to get rid of any fishy smell. 

Our choice of dressing is JAPANESE SESAME DRESSING. I use the Kewpie brand, which is hands down the best sesame dressing I ever had. Of course, extra dressing for Jerry as usual. I'm really enjoying how colourful the salad is, and my huge bowl. I've managed to convince my mom to get a few new bowls and have thus upgraded my food photography game. 

This was an extremely filling lunch, lasting me 4-5 hours before I started feeling hungry. But sad to say, my healthy eating came to an early end where I had katsu curry for dinner at Saboten. Hey, I ate a huge portion of cabbage with it too okay. 

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