Review: Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

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The day has come where I have used up every single drop of my Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream. I've started using eye cream 1-2 years ago, not for its anti-aging purposes but rather for getting rid of eye bags. Without much research, I went to an Innisfree outlet along Orchard Road to ask the sales ladies there which eye cream they would recommend for my eye bags. In my case, I don't have very dark eye bags but rather puffy ones. They recommended the Orchid Eye Cream but after using it for so long, I don't see my eye bags getting any better. If anything it was just moisturising and helped with my dry eyelids when my skin decided to go haywire.

Realising that I can only squeeze out 3-4 more uses out of the remaining cream (I only use it at night as it wasn't the lightest product), I quickly did some research and purchased the Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream off a shop on Qoo10 at S$19.90. They have a number of eye creams to choose from, but I choose this over the others for its brightening and firming properties. There are many positive reviews for this cream too so why not?

The product claims to contain 80% snail mucin which contains all the good stuff that repairs skin damage, hydrates and of course, is anti-aging!

Tiny little spatula which I threw away

It comes in a very sturdy jar, which I appreciate, and comes with a small spatula to scoop the product out. Although it is more hygienic to scoop out the cream, I'm using my fingers since I'm the only one using the cream and it's more convenient for me. There's no added fragrance and it has a very light consistency which is perfect for day use. For someone who has oily skin, this does not leave the skin feeling greasy and a little definitely goes a long way! One side note, it stings a little a few seconds after application and only lasts for another few seconds. I don't mind it and feel that the stinging means that it's doing something, but for those who have very sensitive eyes may not enjoy it. 

I use this every morning and every night, after my toner and before my moisture gel. 

After using this for 2 months, the stinging sensation is gone as my skin got used to it. While it definitely plumps up the lines under my eyes after application, it disappears after a few hours and there aren't any other visible effects. My eye bags remained the same despite the increase in workload and stress, so it shows that it's kind of doing something? That being said, it's still a pretty decent eye cream for its price, does what an eye cream is supposed to do (pampering the skin around your eye) and the anti-aging benefits will probably 'appear' when I hit my 30s. 

Will I purchase this again? Not in the near future as I would like to try some other eye creams in the market, but I could come back to this one day. 

Well, that's it for this review, till the next time!

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