Summer in Japan: 居酒屋 天金

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As mentioned before in my previous post, Asahikawa is a quiet little city where most of the restaurants open at night rather than during the day. In addition to this, most restaurants are owned by families rather than a company, adding a cosy fee to the ambience. Having tried a few restaurants during our short stay in Asahikawa, the best seafood we had in the area is at 天金, where we went back for the second time before we departed for Sapporo the next day. 

Apart from the freshest seafood that you can get, they also serve izakaya items such as tamagoyaki, grilled meat skewers, rice bowls and noodles, so for those who don't particularly enjoy seafood, there are items for you too! Despite having a wide variety to choose from, the quality of the food was nothing short of amazing. The prices were reasonable as well, with the second dinner costing us slightly over 20,000¥, which included a large king crab. 

The grilled livers are just perfect, tender on the inside with the right amount of char on the outside, cooked just before its well done. Definitely, something that you just CAN'T get in Singapore. 

Japanese chicken taste amazing, so different from the ones we get from Singapore! Who knew lightly salted chicken could taste so good, juicy, tender and so much flavour in a bite. 


You might think this is just an ordinary omelette, but the Japanese KNOW how to do their omelettes right. This omelette is JUICY, light and fluffy with the right amount os seasoning. You also get the option of having spring onions in the omelette, we tried both and they are equally delicious. 

How can I not go to a seafood restaurant and not order their uni rice bowl? This was the very first uni bowl I had, and the uni was AMAZING. Super fresh and sweet, and you might associate uni as a strong tasting seafood that requires an acquired taste, but it's surprisingly light and mild! That's the difference between fresh uni and uni that's been imported I guess. There is not a single trace of the fishy-ness that you usually get from uni in Singapore, almost as if I'm eating something completely foreign. This bowl is a winner, clean, light and fresh, double thumbs up! I would recommend this to those who hate uni, you might change your mind after having this. Simply beautiful. 

The star of the night, steamed king crab. We went all out and ordered the largest one they had, around 2kg if my memory serves me well. We opted for steamed as we didn't want to have it as sashimi since we already had something similar the previous night. The meat is so sweet and it's delicious just by itself, no condiments needed. They also scooped out the roe on the side making it easier for us to eat!

Needless to say, we're stuffed at the end of the meal. The people serving us provided quality service and were very patient with us too, due to the language barrier between us. They provide an English menu as well, but not everything is included in it so we asked if they had certain items and relied on some of the pictures from the Japanese menu. The only negative aspect about this place is there is no segregation for smoking and non-smoking patrons. But overall, I would highly recommend this place to anyone who is in the area and would like to try some of the best seafood and izakaya this place has to offer! 

居酒屋 天金
7 Chome 4 Jōdōri, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaidō 070-0034, Japan

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