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Wow, 2017 went by just like that. I have to say the past year wasn't so bad although I went off with a rocky start. There were times where I doubted my decisions but everything came out fine.

Some of the highlights of the year are:

1. Getting a part-time job at OWNDAYS

I joined the company in March 2017 towards the end of my school holidays, 1 week after I bought my first pair of spectacles from them. I didn't expect much after the interview due to my response from the high commitments they were explaining to me, but hey they accepted me and I'm still here!

Honestly, I was seriously doubting my decision to get a part-time job with such high commitments, especially on weekends, during my studies. I was struggling in the beginning and even considered leaving after 1-2 months. But everything worked out, I managed my time better and always prioritised my studies first. The management was amazing as well, allowing me to get more time off during my examination period.

I feel extremely lucky to be placed in the outlet that I wanted, primarily due to the location but also for my colleagues. They're one of the best bunch I've ever worked with and it's gonna be hard for me when the time to leave comes.

2. Finishing my first year of studies and still in school

This is not a huge accomplishment or anything but I feel that I deserve a pat on the back of completing my first year of studies and not dropping out after it. 

School is tough to put it simply and I'm starting to acclimate to everything to school throws at me. The latest examination was a joke and I'm glad that I managed to scrape through it. Grades are no longer as important to me and now all I want to do is enjoy my remaining years of schooling before entering the workforce.

I've also made the decision to drop one of my service-learning groups to focus on only one service-learning for the rest of my second year of school. This definitely helped in my time management and it felt like a load was lifted off my shoulders.

Lastly, it was a memorable year where I met and made new friends that I will be seeing more of in school.

3. Explored a new part of Japan

I finally went on a trip to Japan that was not Osaka/Tokyo! My family went on a trip to Hokkaido and Tokyo during the June holidays where I fell in love with the country all over again. Although it was not the best trip, it was one that was memorable. Hokkaido is definitely different from Tokyo and a place that is right up my alley. I can't wait for the next time I return in the future.

2017 was the year which I felt I've grown the most and also became a lot happier. I've learnt to let go of things, simply not care about things that are not important (mainly what people think of me lololol), and do things that I want. 

I've ended the year with a group of friends that I never expected to be such great friends with. It was filled with tons of roasting, inappropriate remarks, fun and laughter. Would rate the experience 9/11.

Now for the things that I'll be looking forward to in 2018:

1. Summer School

I've decided to go for summer school this year with one of my friends! As overseas experience is a criterion for graduating, I decided to go with summer school as I didn't want an overseas work attachment and volunteer since I've experienced it before. Plus, my friends that went to summer school before had an amazing experience there, and hopefully, I can clear some modules there, so why not?

We're planning to go to Korea so fingers crossed that we get what we want!!

2. Badminton

I've started playing badminton with the same bunch I've spent new years with and I have to say that it's a great exercise LOL. It's definitely much more enjoyable than running (which I gave up halfway last year) and a good way to get some exercise into my life that doesn't involve my legs too much since I'm on my feet most of the time.

3. Quality

I guess the last thing is to change my shopping habits by going for quality instead of other aspects such as price and quantity. I want to spend my hard earned money on things that will actually last instead of things that I use a few times and throw away. Meaning, no more taobao shopping for me. The prices are unbeatable but I realised that I'm always disappointed by some items in my package and it takes a while before it reaches me. 

One of the best purchases that I made was a dress from The Stage Walk's physical store at Bugis. The price was reasonable and I was able to try it and got it a week later when I went back to the shop. I finally bought something I LOVED rather than liked or was okay with. Although I could've bought a whole cart of items with that same amount of money, the price is no longer the only thing I consider in shopping.

Here's better purchases in the future and a great year ahead!

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